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In the island's tropical climate the tourist should wear light clothes (made of cotton or rayon), short pants, over sized shirts, sleeveless pullovers, caps, sunglasses and comfortable shoes for frequent walks. Cuba not only exhibits places of tourist interest but also offers plenty of historic spots.

Mornings are usually cool; the temperature rises at noon and reaches a peak around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. You should dress casually during the day, especially if you are walking around the city. Protecting sun creams are very useful; you will not have to go to the beaches to get a tan.

In April-May and October-November it often rains heavily in the late afternoon around 5pm. Although these showers are short lived, they are relatively intense. Bring and umbrella if you intend to walk around at this time of the day in these months.

Toiletries are exorbitantly expensive here. Try and bring enough shampoo, shaving foam and blades, deodorant, etc. Also, film, batteries and video cassettes are very expensive and it worthwhile bringing a good supply.

Always drink bottled or boiled water. Cuban's are deceivingly immune to the microbes that will make you sick.

It is advisable to bring some formal clothes for concerts, restaurants, ballet and other evenings out that require elegance. Cultural life in Havana is very intense, painting exhibits, theatre functions, and concerts by the National Symphonic or other Orchestras, excellent dancing performances.

If you intend to walk often, bring some soft walking shoes.

Bring some mosquito repellent. They are quite savage here...An iron & hairdryer if you will need them.





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